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Bible Studies & Small Groups

Encouraging people on their journey to discover extraordinary life in Christ.

Our Mission Statement is a call to not only center our lives in Christ but to encourage others to take this journey. We encourage one another to commit their lives to Christ because we have experienced Extraordinary Life in following Jesus as Lord. Following Jesus as Lord is a journey of amazing joy and the challenge of experiencing profound change at the same time. We Encourage because we have discovered that following Jesus is Life!

This Extraordinary Life is described in many ways: Salvation, New Life, Transformation, Being Saved, Maturing Faith, Discipleship, Becoming Aware. Each description represents profound change, a new orientation in life. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus changes everything. Because he has been resurrected and lives, we are invited to live resurrected lives reflecting his love and glory.

The Christian Life is a highly personal experience lived in community. We are invited to experience love and forgiveness in a very real way, but faith is not a private matter. Faith is lived out in community. Below, you will find opportunities to mature as a disciple in community. Sharing our lives together as we study scripture, the Christian Life, and share burdens will transform us in ways we never imagined. Let us commit to pray for one another as we seek to live out the call to Encourage one another on the Journey to Discover Extraordinary Life in Christ.

For more information about these offerings, email Jo Hardy or call her at 919.847.1536 x101. There is also a printed booklet available in the church office or on the blue information carts.

Our new Winter/Spring 2018 booklet is available in the Atrium and lobby on the blue information carts. Register on 12/17 or 1/7 in the Atrium.

Winter 2018
Lent 2018
Eastertide 2018
Care & Connection

Winter 2018

It’s Good to Be Queen | Liz Curtis Higgs
1/7-3/18, Sundays, 5:00-6:00 p.m.
Women’s study, led by Laurie Scott

When it comes to famous queens of the Bible, we know the good one, Queen Esther, and the bad one, Queen Jezebel. Now meet the wise one, the queen of Sheba, who traveled to Jerusalem to test the mind and heart of a king. Her quest for wisdom will surprise you, challenge you, inspire you, change you. This wealthy royal from antiquity will show you how to live boldly, seek after truth, ask the right questions, encourage others, receive graciously, and honor the Lord above all. Shedding new light on this ancient biblical role model, Liz Curtis Higgs unveils timeless wisdom for all who aspire to please the king of Kings.



Disciple I (Fast Track) | Richard B. Wilke
1/9-4/10 Tuesdays, 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. (Bring your lunch!)
Led by Ashley Will
1/9-4/10 Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Led by Duke Lackey
The DISCIPLE Bible Study Program provides an effective opportunity to grow in understanding of the Bible and the value of Scripture for daily life. The program focuses on the disciple as learner, believer, follower, proclaimer, and servant while providing the fellowship of a small group for study, prayer, preparation, support, and servanthood. There are daily study assignments for each lesson in the student handbook that add to the students’ understanding and help develop the spiritual discipline of daily Bible study. Additional resources include a weekly video lesson segment, supplemental study books, and a wealth of Bible-era maps and charts. This spring, we will dive into a 12-week study of the New Testament, emphasizing the wholeness of the Bible as a revelation of God and drawing upon the work of scholars to aid understanding of the Bible. Participation in Disciple I: Old Testament is NOT mandatory.


A Faith That Matters: Connecting to God
| Epiphany/Winter Sermon Series beginning 1/7
Creating a Life with God | Daniel Wolpert (companion study book)
1/9-2/13, Tuesdays, 10:00-11:15 a.m.
Churchwide study (Sunday School classes and small groups are encouraged to participate outside services)
Don’t we all want to have a faith that makes a difference in our lives, that is not just about going through the motions, but truly makes an impact? Each sermon in this series will introduce a simple prayer practice, and in these groups, we will have the opportunity to practice them in community. Like our minds and our bodies, our spiritual lives require exercise and practice. Join us as we learn practices to grow our faith more into “a faith that matters.”

  • January 7th: There is More, Mark 1:4-11
  • January 14th: Come and See, John 1: 43-51
  • January 21st: Right Here, Right Now, Mark 1:14-20
  • January 28th: Claiming our Authority, Mark 1:21-28
  • February 4th: To be a Blessing, Mark 1:29-39
  • February 11th: Strength for the Journey, Mark 9:2-9

No Bible study or prayer experience is required. We will be using the book, Creating a Life with God, as a guide and reference as we learn to develop these prayer practices and apply them to our own lives. Creating a Life with God goes beyond the rote prayers that so many of us have experienced and found wanting. In fact, Daniel Wolpert admits that his own frustration with the formula prayers and his unsettled longing immediately after college led to his search for a different kind of prayer, one that’s “a deep conversation with God beginning with communion and leading to transformation.” Prayer illuminates our minds, enabling the love of God to permeate all that we do. The purpose of this book is to nourish a deeper, more meaningful prayer life. Wolpert explains 12 prayer practices and introduces you to historical figures who best illuminate each practice. You’ll discover new ways to pray through:

  • Experiencing solititude and silence
  • Using your mind and imagination
  • Using your body and creativity
  • Connecting with nature and community

You’ll discover how classical approaches to God can deepen your prayer life today.


Journey: Moms’ Study Group
Tuesdays, 9:30-11:00 a.m., starting 1/9
Led by Cassidy Plunkett
Moms of children of all ages are invited to journey together through Bible study and fellowship. Our focus will be supporting one another in prayer and searching scripture to better understand God’s love for us.

To register, click here. if you have questions, email Cassidy Plunkett or call her at 919.847.1536 x103.


Nehemiah-A Heart that Can Break | Kelly Minter
1/8/2/19, Mondays, 9:30-11:00 a.m.
Women’s study, led by Mary Louise Stockett

Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break is a 7-session Bible study for women. Nehemiah’s heart was so broken for those in need that he left the comfort of his Persian palace to help them. Like the other studies in the Living Room Series, you’ll find authentic Bible teaching and a relational approach. Nehemiah also includes 7 video sessions and real-life ways to put feet to your faith. Are you ready to let God break your heart for a hurting, lost world and move you in compassion to be the hands and feet of Jesus?



Men’s Book Club | Various
1/15, 3/19, and 5/21, Mondays, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Led by various hosts
The NRUMC Men’s Book Club was formed to provide an opportunity for men to enjoy good fellowship and conversation about books. The meetings are informal and usually held in members’ homes. Books are selected by members at the last meeting of each year for the following year. If your book is chosen, you often will be leading the discussion. Leaders and hosts are chosen by rotation, and hosts typically provide refreshments, but hosts and leaders are not always the same person. The first book on our fall schedule is The Shack by William P. Young. If interested in joining the group, please contact Ted Kunstling ( or 919.787.5282).



Wednesday Morning Bible Study
Year-Round, Wednesdays, 7:00-8:00 a.m.
The Wednesday morning Bible Study offers a time of prayer, fellowship, Bible study, and breakfast. The time begins with a light breakfast, usually breakfast sandwiches, and then prayer concerns are lifted up. At 7:30, the actual study of the Bible begins. The format is freewheeling discussion, as all opinions are welcome. Members take turns in starting the discussion each week and every week everyone takes turns in reading Scripture out loud. While there is no separate course book, most members bring Study Bibles. The study concludes around 8:00 a.m. with a closing prayer. Both those who have deep knowledge of Scripture and those who have just recently begun to study Scripture are welcomed.


Lent 2018

Forgiveness: A Lenten Study | Marjorie Thompson
Tuesdays, 10:00 a.m. or 6:30 p.m. in Room S2

Churchwide (includes opportunities for home groups of 15 or less)
Forgiving others and humbly asking for forgiveness are central disciplines for all Christian believers. Lent, a time to reflect on our Christian journey, is an appropriate time to deepen our understanding and practice of forgiveness. Marjorie J. Thompson, author of the best-selling book Soul Feast, takes a close look at our understanding of forgiveness in this encouraging study. In six brief chapters, Thompson addresses such questions as the following:

  • Is forgiveness a Christian duty under all circumstances? Or are there situations when Christians do not need to forgive?
  • Is forgiveness a matter between individuals, or is it meaningful only in the context of communities?
  • Is forgiving the best route to healing for the injured?
  • How do we get past emotional barriers to real forgiveness?

Using biblical examples and real-life situations, Thompson illustrates each chapter’s theme in an informative and engaging way. With clarity, insight, and sensitivity, this book is the perfect resource for examining both our ability to forgive and our own need for forgiveness.

Lenten Study Home Groups
Sign up below for the Bynum Home Group:


Eastertide 2018

John: The Gospel of Light and Life | Adam Hamilton
Begins the week of 4/10 and runs through 5/15
Tuesdays, 10:00 a.m. or 6:30 p.m. in Room S2

Churchwide (includes opportunities for home groups of 15 or less)
The Gospel of John is the most deeply spiritual of the four gospels. This writing is filled with rich images and profound truths, but John notes that his aim in writing the gospel is that readers will not only believe in Jesus Christ, but that they “may have life in his name.” Experience a season of spiritual growth and life-changing renewal with Adam Hamilton’s John: The Gospel of Light and Life. You’ll follow the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus through the Gospel of John and understand the context of some of the best-known verses in the New Testament. Join Pastors Duke and Ashley in Rev. Hamilton’s six-week study. With discussions on “The Word Made Flesh,” “The Signs of Jesus,” “The I AM Sayings of Jesus,” and “Eternal Life,” you will undoubtedly experience spiritual growth and renewal this Easter season.

Eastertide Study Home Groups
Meeting times to be determined. Groups will be limited to a maximum number of 15 participants.
During Eastertide, there will be an opportunity to join a home group that will be studying John: The Gospel of Light and Life in a more intimate, casual atmosphere. More information will be posted as we move closer to Easter.


Care & Connection

First Wednesday Fellowship Dinners
2/13*, 3/7, 4/4, 5/2; 1st Wednesday of the month
5:00-6:30 p.m.
Churchwide, sponsored by various church ministries
Come join the rest of the church as we enjoy a delicious meal, fun fellowship, and the chance to get to know people that you may not have met! There will also be outreach/mission opportunities for all ages after each dinner.



Not Your Mama’s Retreat: Start Where We Are
3/9-11, Camp Chestnut Ridge (Falcon Lodge)
Led by Cassidy Plunkett
$110/participant (includes two nights lodging, two dinners, one lunch, two breakfasts, and cost of book).
Register here through January 12. $50 deposit due by January 12.

Join us for a younger women’s retreat this winter. We’ll have time for rest and prayer and discuss the book Stitches, by Anne Lamott. What do we do when life lurches out of balance? How can we reconnect to one other and to what’s sustaining, when evil and catastrophe seem inescapable? These questions lie at the heart of Stitches, Lamott’s profound follow-up to her New York Times–bestselling Help, Thanks, Wow. In this book Lamott explores how we find meaning and peace in these loud and frantic times; where we start again after personal and public devastation; how we recapture wholeness after loss; and how we locate our true identities in this frazzled age. We begin, Lamott says, by collecting the ripped shreds of our emotional and spiritual fabric and sewing them back together, one stitch at a time. It’s in these stitches that the quilt of life begins, and embedded in them are strength, warmth, humor, and humanity. Contact Cassidy Plunkett ( or 919.847.1536 x103) for more information.


Women’s Retreat: The Gift of Friendship
4/16/18-4/18/18, Lake Junaluska
Led by the women of NRUMC
Currently, this retreat has a waiting list. If you are interested in being on the waiting list, contact Jo Hardy ( or 919.847.1536 x101). Cost: Double $275, Single $325 (includes meals & lodging).



Adult Leader/Teacher Training
1/3, Wednesday, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
All current small group leaders, Sunday School teachers, and those interested in starting new groups are invited to a training event
where we will discuss topics such as creating class covenants, facilitating discussions, organizing care, handling group size dynamics, and selecting curriculum and study options. Contact Ashley Will ( or 919.847.1536 x114) for more information.


New Member Class
Sundays, 12:30-2:00 p.m. (lunch provided)
Class 1 (4 Sessions): 1/14, 1/28, 2/4, 2/11
Class 2 (4 Sessions): 4/15, 4/22, 4/29, 5/6
New to the community? Or, a veteran in the community and looking to learn more about getting involved, Methodist beliefs, and how our unique faith community lives into its mission? Join us for our New Member class, a series of four sessions on Sunday afternoons, with lunch provided. The fourth session is the only required session in order to become a member of NRUMC. For more info, contact Ashley Will ( or 919.847.1536 x114).


Spiritual Gifts Class
Saturdays, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Class 1 (2 Sessions): 2/17 & 2/24
God gave us each gifts “for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12). In this workshop, we will not only take spiritual gifts inventories, but also look at our passions, feedback from others, most-admired people, and the patterns we name in Jesus’ ministry. Join us for this two-part workshop! Contact Ashley Will ( or 919.847.1536 x114) for more information.




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Traditional: 8:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m.,
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Contemporary (Souljourn):
9:45 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall

Children's (SHINE):
Begins in 11:15 Traditional, then moves to Room S2


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