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June 2018

6/17/2018 Listen to Duke Lackey: Living Faithfully amid Radical Change: Do I Matter?
6/10/2018 Listen to Duke Lackey: Living Faithfully amid Radical Change
6/3/2018 Listen to Duke Lackey: Are You Listening?

May 2018

5/27/2018 Listen to Ashley Will: “In the Name of…”
5/20/2018 Listen to Ashley Will: The Gift of the Holy Spirit
5/13/2018 Listen to Ashley Will: Light and Life: I Believe
5/6/2018 Listen to Duke Lackey: Light and Life: It Is Completed

April 2018

4/29/2018 Listen to Ken Klingborg: Light and Life: Connected to the Vine
4/22/2018 Listen to Duke Lackey: Light and Life: Life in Abundance
4/8/2018 Listen to Ashley Will: Light and Life: Word Made Flesh
4/1/2018 Listen to Ashley Will: He Is Risen Indeed!

March 2018

3/25/2018 Listen to the dramatic reading: Journey of Forgiveness: Narrative of the Passion
3/18/2018 Listen to Duke Lackey: Journey of Forgiveness: Embracing Freedom
3/11/2018 Listen to Duke Lackey: Journey of Forgiveness: Turning to Christ
3/4/2018 Listen to Ashley Will: Journey of Forgiveness: Cleaning House

February 2018

2/25/2018 Listen to Ashley Will: Journey of Forgiveness: It Begins with Me
2/18/2018 Listen to Ken Klingborg: The Path to Forgiveness
2/11/2018 Listen to Duke Lackey: A Faith That Matters: Strength for the Journey
2/4/2018 Listen to Duke Lackey: A Faith That Matters: Blessed to Be a Blessing

January 2018

1/28/2018 Listen to Duke Lackey: A Faith That Matters: Lives Transformed
1/21/2018 Listen to Ashley Will: A Faith That Matters: Right Here, Right Now
1/14/2018 Listen to Ashley Will: A Faith That Matters: Come and See
1/7/2018 Listen to Ashley Will: A Faith That Matters: There Is More

December 2017

12/31/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: From the Manger to the Temple
12/24/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: God Marches Right In
(6:00 p.m.)
12/17/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Good News! God Saves!
12/10/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Prepare the Way

12/3/2017 Listen to Jason Darden: But in Those Days…Keep Awake!

November 2017

11/26/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Christ the King
11/19/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Beyond Ourselves: Risk-Taking Mission & Ministry
11/12/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Beyond Ourselves: The Power of the Pledge
11/5/2017 Listen to Jason Darden: Beyond Ourselves: What’s Love Got to Do with It?

October 2017

10/29/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Beyond Ourselves: What’s Love Got to Do with It?
10/22/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Beyond Ourselves: Why Mission?
10/15/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: The Community of Joy
10/8/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: The Resurrected Community
10/1/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: The Community of Servants

September 2017

9/24/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: The Community Witness
9/17/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: The Community of Forgiveness
9/10/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Living in Community: The Community of Love
9/3/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Strengthening Families

August 2017

8/27/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Connecting Hearts
8/20/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: People Matter
8/13/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Imperfect Followers: The Path to Grace
8/6/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Empowered to Practice a Compassionate Faith

July 2017

7/30/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Extraordinary Life: Giving Witness to Jesus as Lord Now!
7/23/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Journey as a Child of God
7/16/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Discover
7/9/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: I Give Up
7/2/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: A Welcoming Spirit

June 2017

6/25/2017 Listen to Jason Darden: What Then Are We to Say?
6/18/2017 Listen to Cassidy Plunkett: Kingdom Come Near
6/11/2017 Listen to Jason Darden: From Chaos to Community
6/4/2017 Listen to Cassidy Plunkett: As the Spirit Gave

May 2017

5/28/2017 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Final Reflections
5/21/2017 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: “That Boy Sure Is a Runnin’ Fool!”
5/14/2017 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Even for Mary, It Was a Challenge

April 2017

4/30/2017 Listen to Eric Lindblade: When the Savior Seems a Stranger
4/23/2017 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Safe Behind the Deadbolt
4/16/2017 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Are We There Yet?
4/9/2017 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Donkeys, Branches, Crowds, and King

4/2/2017 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Today Is a New Day

March 2017

3/26/2017–Cassidy Plunkett: Jesus, Our Healer
3/19/2017–Jason Darden: Jesus in Samaria
3/12/2017–Susan C. Lindblade: Because He Loves Us SO MUCH!!
3/5/2017–Eric Lindblade: Dangerous Temptations

February 2017

2/19/2017–Cassidy Plunkett: A Mile for Jesus
2/12/2017–Susan C. Lindblade: Finding the Deeper Meaning into the Life God Desires for Us

2/5/2017–Eric Lindblade: Who Is the Light of the World?

January 2017

1/29/2017–Eric Lindblade: Are You Happy?
1/22/2017–Gray Southern: 1 Corinthians 1:10-18

1/15/2017–Jason Darden: Where Are You Staying?
1/1/2017–Jason Darden: Dreams

December 2016

12/25/2016–Eric Lindblade: Reflections
12/24/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Note from Jesus: You’ll Never Be Alone Again!
12/18/2016–Eric Lindblade: In the Bleak Midwinter?
12/11/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Who Are You, Jesus?
12/4/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: God Is Like a Voice in My Heart

November 2016

11/27/2016–Jason Darden: People Get Ready
11/20/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: If Only I Had/Could…I’d Be Thankful
11/13/2016–Eric Lindblade: Hiding from God

11/6/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Who’s Your Bible Super Hero?

October 2016

10/23/2016–Eric Lindblade: Sinful Righteousness, Righteous Sinfulness, and God’s Mercy
10/16/2016–Jason Darden: To Build and to Plant
10/9/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Why Do We Do This to Each Other?
10/2/2016–Eric Lindblade: It’s Not Really More Faith that We Need?

September 2016

9/25/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: When Our Compassion Stops at the Front Door
9/11/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Laying Down Our Fears
9/4/2016–Eric Lindblade: Our Place at the Table

August 2016

8/28/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Jesus and the Dinner Party
8/21/2016–Eric Lindblade: How Much Jesus is Too Much?
8/14/2016–Eric Lindblade: Pioneer Faith
8/7/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Seeing God in New Ways

July 2016

7/31/2016–Eric Lindblade: A Fool and His Money Are Never Parted
7/24/2016–Eric Lindblade: A Prayer that Jesus, at least, Thinks We should Pray
7/17/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Busyness
7/10/2016–Eric Lindblade: An Infinitive, an Adjective, a Noun, a Verb, and a Samaritan

7/3/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: When Our Eyes Are Opened

June 2016

6/26/2016–Mark Tolley: Fitting into the Maker’s Mold
6/19/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: How We Live Faith, Hope, and Love in the 21st Century
6/12/2016–Eric Lindblade: Wondering What Happens Next
6/5/2016–Mark Tolley: Trust Issues

May 2016

5/29/2016–Eric Lindblade: Why the Stones?
5/22/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: The Powerful Resource of the Spirit
5/15/2016–Mark Tolley: Life at the OK Corral
5/8/2016–Eric Lindblade: Real Mothers, Real Families, and Real Life
5/1/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: The Love We’re Called to Share

April 2016

4/24/2016–Eric Lindblade: Has Happiness Found You Yet?
4/17/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: We All Need a Shepherd
4/10/2016–Jason Darden: Three Questions
4/3/2016–Mark Tolley: No Sweat!

March 2016

3/27/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: We Love You, Come on Home
3/20/2016–Eric Lindblade: The Unsettling Cross
3/13/2016–Mark Tolley: Do It Again!

3/6/2016–Eric Lindblade: Are You Worthy?

February 2016

2/28/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Things I Didn’t Realize When I Signed On
2/21/2016–Eric Lindblade: A Question More Easily Asked than Answered
2/14/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Focus! Focus!! Focus!!!
2/7/2016–Eric Lindblade: When God is Revealed

January 2016

1/31/2016–Mark Tolley: Life’s Most Vital Possession
1/17/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Do Whatever He Tells You
1/10/2016–Eric Lindblade: Something in Common with Christ

1/3/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: A Sky Full of Stars

December 2015

12/27/2015–Jason Darden: Christmas Day + 8
12/20/2015–Eric Lindblade: So what was the Innkeeper (if there was one) like?
12/13/2015–Susan C. Lindblade: Our Crazy Family Tree
12/6/2015–Susan C. Lindblade: The Best News We’ll Ever Hear!

November 2015

11/22/2015–Eric Lindblade: Mary’s Faith
11/22/2015–Eric Lindblade: Empty Fields but Thankful Hearts
11/15/2015–Susan C. Lindblade: Do We Get It?
11/8/2015–Eric Lindblade: Optimist, Pessimist, or Believer
11/1/2015–Susan C. Lindblade: A Great Cloud of Witnesses

October 2015

10/25/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: What Do You Want Jesus to Do for You?
10/18/2015 Listen to Jason Darden: “What do you want me to do for you?”
10/11/2015 Listen to Mark Tolley: Answer Me This!
10/4/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: A Last Supper and a First Supper

September 2015

9/27/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Copper Coin Faith
9/20/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: The Sign of a Disciple
9/6/2015 Listen to Mark Tolley: What is the “Mat” with You?!

August 2015

8/30/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Connecting Your Words with Your Heart
8/23/2015 Listen to Mark Tolley: One Thing to Keep in Mind
8/16/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: A Mark of Discipleship
8/9/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: The Generous Life
8/2/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: A Picture of God

July 2015

7/26/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: “…They wanted to take him into the boat…”
7/19/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Doing Extraordinary Things
7/12/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: When Do You Have Enough?
7/5/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Taking Time to Remember

June 2015

6/28/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: And Who is My Neighbor?
6/21/2015 Listen to Mark Tolley: The Depth of a Father’s Love
6/14/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Jesus said, “Let us go over to the other side…”
6/7/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Looking at the World Through Right-Colored Glasses

May 2015

5/31/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Here I am, Lord! Send me!
5/24/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: “And how is it that we hear…”
5/17/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Between the Time
5/10/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Some Thoughts Perhaps Appropriate for Mother’s Day
5/3/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: The Importance of Staying Rooted

April 2015

4/26/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: More Than a Three Little Pig Church
4/12/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: The Rest of the Story
4/5/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Seeing Jesus in Galilee

March 2015

3/29/2015 Listen to Mark Tolley
3/22/2015 Listen to Sarah Calvert: Getting to Amazing Things
3/15/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Only Five Loaves and Two Fish
3/8/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: A Full-Gospel, Born-Again, Spirit-Led Church!
3/1/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: First Steps on a Familiar Journey

February 2015

2/22/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Tempted, Just Like Jesus
2/15/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Seven (Short!) Transfiguration Sermons
2/8/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Knee Deep in the River of Discipleship
2/1/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Final Authority

January 2015

1/25/15 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Get in the Game
1/18/15  Listen to Mark Tolley The Pause That Refreshes
1/11/15  Listen to Eric Lindblade Creation, Science, and Faith
1/4/15  Listen to Susan C. Lindblade Making All Things New

December 2014

12/28/14  Listen to Eric Lindblade Leaving Christmas Behind
12/21/14 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Learning to Wait
12/14/14 Listen to Eric Lindblade: The Other Jesus
12/7/14 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: May He Enter In and Make You Whole

November 2014

11/30/14 Eric Lindblade: What are You Waiting for?
11/23/14 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Give Thanks Always

11/16/14 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Eternity and Grief Side by Side

11/9/14 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Faith Alive

11/2/14 Listen to Eric Lindblade: At the End of the Journey

October 2014

10/26/14 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: When Grace Gives Us a Hug
10/19/14 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Our Reason to Exist

10/12/14 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Disciples, Children, and Receiving the Kingdom

10/5/14 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Christians Sitting in the Mud

September 2014

9/28/14 Listen to Mark Tolley  Another Year of Grace
9/21/14 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade  The First Steps on the Bridge

9/7/14 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade  The Mystery of the Cross

August 2014

8/31/14 Listen to Eric Lindblade  Unlike Cats, Christians Don’t Always Land on Our Feet
8/24/14 Listen to Erin Betlej  Levante-se
8/17/14 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade  My Yokes Fit Well
8/10/14 Listen to Erin Betlej  Balance
8/3/14 Listen to Eric Lindblade  Jesus Beyond the Miracles

July 2014

7/27/14 Listen to the Haiti Mission Team  1 More, 1 Less
7/20/14 Listen to Mark Tolley  You’re Going to Have to Eat Those Words
7/13/14 Listen to Eric Lindblade  Seeds and Success
7/06/14 Listen to Susan Lindblade  And They Didn’t Know Who He Was

June 2014

6/29/14 Listen to Mark Tolley  May We Approach?
6/22/14 Listen to Eric Lindblade Entertaining God & Laughing at What He Has to Say
6/15/14 Listen to Erin Betlej Lessons from My Father
6/8/14 Listen to the Youth God is…
6/1/14 Listen to Eric Lindblade Don’t Be Left Behind

May 2014

5/25/14 Listen to Susan Lindblade We’re Never Too Old to Learn
5/18/14 Listen to Eric Lindblade The Day a Changed Heart Began to Change the World
5/11/14 Listen to Eric Lindblade The First Mom
5/4/14 Listen to Susan Lindblade The People in Our Paths

April 2014

4/27/14  Listen to Eric Lindblade A New Name for “Doubting Thomas”
4/20/14  Listen to Susan Lindblade We Come Seeking Jesus
4/6/14  Listen to Susan Lindblade Talking About the Glory Days

March 2014

3/30/14  Listen to Erin Betlej The Prescribed Fast
3/23/14  Listen to Eric Lindblade The Man at the Well
3/16/14  Listen to Susan Lindblade All in the Flip of a Coin
3/9/14  Listen to Eric Lindblade What Tempts Us Most
3/2/14  Listen to Eric Lindblade Incredible News… But Don’t Tell Anyone?

February 2014

2/23/14  Listen to Mark Tolley Getting to the Heart of the Matter
2/16/14  Listen to Eric Lindblade If You Can’t Be Good, Be Perfect

2/09/14  Listen to Susan Lindblade Where God Wants My Heart to Live

2/02/14  Listen to Mark Tolley What a Fool Believes

January 2014

1/26/14  Listen to Susan Lindblade An Invitation to Follow
1/19/14  Listen to Eric Lindblade Revealed: Jesus, Lamb of God

1/12/14  Listen to Susan Lindblade Becoming God’s Person Like Never Before
1/5/14  Listen to Eric Lindblade Where Jesus Might Be Found

December 2013

12/29/13  Listen to Susan Lindblade Expect the Unexpected
12/22/13  Listen to Eric Lindblade Christmas in the Bible and in Our Hearts

12/15/13  Listen to Mark Tolley Looking for the Missing Peace

12/1/13  Listen to Eric Lindblade When Hope Triumphs over Experience


11/24/13  Listen to Susan Lindblade There’s Always a Thread of Grace
11/17/13  Listen to Mark Tolley Walk On

11/10/13  Listen to Eric Lindblade What’s a Donkey For?


10/27/13  Listen to Eric Lindblade When the Light at the End of the Tunnel Is a Locomotive
10/20/13  Listen to Susan Lindblade Life That Is Truly Life

10/13/13  Listen to Mark Tolley Unchained Melody

10/6/13  Listen to Eric Lindblade A New Guest List


9/29/13  Listen to Susan Lindblade Listening to Find What You’re Looking For
9/22/13  Listen to Eric Lindblade With Fear and Trembling

9/15/13  Listen to Susan Lindblade Tips from the Beauty Salon of Life

9/1/13  Listen to Susan Lindblade To See the Face of God


8/25/13  Listen to Eric Lindblade Joseph’s Choice:  Grace or Judgment?
8/18/13  Listen to Susan Lindblade Looking for a Cheap Church

8/11/13  Listen to Mark Tolley God Is Good, Even When Life Is Not
8/4/13  Listen to Mark Tolley Nit-Pickers, Wound-Lickers, Goodness-Sakers, and Arm-Wavers, Oh My!


7/28/13  Listen to Susan Lindblade Life’s Thin Places
7/21/13  Listen to Eric Lindblade Paradoxical Blessings

7/14/13  Listen to Susan Lindblade Turning the World Right Side Up
7/7/13  Listen to Susan Lindblade In the Midst of the Minefields

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