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November 2017

11/19/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Beyond Ourselves: Risk-Taking Mission & Ministry (10:00)
11/19/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Beyond Ourselves: Risk-Taking Mission & Ministry
11/12/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Beyond Ourselves: The Power of the Pledge
11/5/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Beyond Ourselves: A Life Worthy of God
11/5/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Beyond Ourselves: A Life Worthy of God

October 2017

10/29/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Beyond Ourselves: What’s Love Got to Do with It? (11:15)
10/29/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Beyond Ourselves: Following Jesus
10/22/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Beyond Ourselves: Why Mission?
10/22/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Beyond Ourselves: Why Mission?
10/15/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: The Community of Joy
10/8/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: The Resurrected Community
10/8/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: The Resurrected Community
10/1/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: The Community of Servants

September 2017

9/24/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Can I Get a Witness? (10:00)
9/24/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: The Community Witness
9/17/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: The Community of Forgiveness
9/10/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: The Community of Love
9/10/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Living in Community: The Community of Love
(8:30 & 11:15)
9/3/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Strengthening Families Through the Waters of Baptism

August 2017

8/27/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Connecting Hearts  (10:00)
8/27/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Connecting Hearts
  (8:30 & 11:15)
8/20/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: People Matter 
(8:30 & 11:15)
8/13/2017 Listen to Jason Darden: Imperfect Followers 
8/13/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Imperfect Followers: The Path to Grace 
(8:30 & 11:15)
8/6/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Compassionate Faith: Out of God’s Abundance

July 2017

7/30/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Extraordinary Life: Giving Witness to Jesus as Lord Now! (8:30 & 11:15)
7/30/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: The Ordinary Made Extraordinary
7/23/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: The Journey: 3 Steps Forward, 2 Steps Back
7/16/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: Discover an Abundant Harvest
7/9/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: I Give Up
(8:30 & 11:15)
7/9/2017 Listen to Ashley Will: Where Do You Go to Give Up?
7/2/2017 Listen to Duke Lackey: A Holy Welcome

June 2017

6/25/2017 Listen to Sid Huggins: Life’s Exciting Possibility
6/18/2017 Listen to Ken Klingborg: A Godly Father
6/11/2017 Listen to Cassidy Plunkett: Therefore Go
6/4/2017 Listen to Jason Darden: Into the World
6/4/2017 Listen to Ken Klingborg: A Windy Day

May 2017

5/28/2017 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: It’s a Long Way to Tipperary
5/21/2017 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Coffee Mug Scripture
5/14/2017 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: The Power of a Loving Witness
5/7/2017 Listen to Eric Lindblade: “Free Us for Joyful Obedience…”

April 2017

4/30/2017 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Gifts
4/23/2017 Listen to Eric Lindblade: The Wounded Hands of a Living Lord
4/16/2017 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: The Unfinished Gospel
4/9/2017 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: From Prayers of Anguish into Shouts of Praise

4/2/2017 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Jesus Wept…But Why?

March 2017

3/26/2017–Jason Darden: Doctor, My Eyes
3/19/2017–Cassidy Plunkett: Peace in Christ

3/12/2017–Eric Lindblade: Born Again and Spirit-Led

3/5/2017–Susan C. Lindblade: The No-Fault Life

February 2017

2/26/2017–Susan C. Lindblade: The Blessings Found AFTER We Come Down the Mountain
2/19/2017–Eric Lindblade: A Thread of Holiness

2/12/2017–Eric Lindblade: The Man at the Well
2/5/2017–Susan C. Lindblade: More Lessons from Jesus

January 2017

1/29/2017–Susan C. Lindblade: Who Is This Jesus?
1/29/2017 (10:00)–Jason Darden: The “For-They-Wills”

1/22/2017–Gray Southern: 1 Corinthians 1:10-18

1/15/2017–Susan C. Lindblade: I Am God’s Beloved!
1/1/2017–Eric Lindblade: As we begin a new year…

December 2016

12/25/2016–Eric Lindblade: Reflections
12/24/2016–Eric Lindblade: Christmas Eve Meditation

12/18/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Will We Be Unchanged This Christmas?

12/11/2016–Eric Lindblade: Mary and Joseph

12/4/2016–Eric Lindblade: A Different Kind of King

November 2016

11/27/2016 (10:00)–Ken Klingborg: God With Us
11/27/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Seasons & Road Construction
11/20/2016–Eric Lindblade: Lest We Forget
11/13/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Seeing the World with Grateful Eyes

11/6/2016–Eric Lindblade: Voting for Caesar, Living for Christ

October 2016

10/30/2016–Eric Lindblade: What a Saint Might Do
10/23/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: To Love as Jesus Loved

10/16/2016 (10:00)–Ken Klingborg: Forgiven People Forgive
10/16/2016 (8:30)–Eric Lindblade: Perseverance & Prayer
10/9/2016 (11:15)–Eric Lindblade: Dandelions, Children, and the Kingdom of God
10/9/2016–Eric Lindblade: Jesus Below the Mendoza Line

10/2/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: And They’ll Know We Are Christians by Our Love

September 2016

9/25/2016–Eric Lindblade: Wealth Beyond Measure
9/18/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Is There No Balm?
9/11/2016–Eric Lindblade: Fifteen Years Ago
9/4/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: What’s It Worth to Follow Jesus?

August 2016

8/28/2016–Eric Lindblade: The Starting Point
8/21/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Seeing into Our Brokenness
8/14/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: CRISIS=Making a Difference
8/7/2016–Eric Lindblade: Father, Forgive

July 2016

7/31/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: A Lesson for the Soul
7/24/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: And When You Pray…

7/17/2016–Eric Lindblade: To Choose the Better Part
7/10/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Life as Jesus Taught It
7/3/2016–Eric Lindblade: Daring to Be Free

June 2016

6/26/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: No One Said It Would Be an Easy Road
6/19/2016–Eric Lindblade: Orlando
6/12/2016–Mark Tolley: The Emperor’s New Grove: A Royal Mess(-Up)
6/5/2016–Jason Darden: Nobody’s Student (11:15)
6/5/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Grace in the Midst of Our Hopelessness (8:30)

May 2016

5/29/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: All Because of Love
5/22/2016–Eric Lindblade: Trinity: The Baffling Truth of the God We Worship
5/15/2016–Eric Lindblade: Experience Necessary, but Not Required
5/8/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: I Am My MOther After All!
5/1/2016–Eric Lindblade: Accepting the Least Jesus Has to Offer

April 2016

4/24/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Where Do I Go?
4/17/2016–Eric Lindblade: New Life for Dorcas & the Tanner
4/10/2016–Mark Tolley: Holy Moley!
4/3/2016–Ken Klingborg: The Empty Tomb
4/3/2016–Mark Tolley: What’s Next?
(8:30 & 11:15)

March 2016

3/27/2016–Eric Lindblade: What Easter Might Mean
3/13/2016–Eric Lindblade: Some Words We Wish Jesus Had Never Said
3/6/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Feed Me ’til I Want No More

February 2016

2/28/2016–Eric Lindblade: Fig Tree Faith
2/21/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: The Lenten Lesson
2/14/2016–Eric Lindblade: It’s Valentine’s Day, So Let’s Talk About Love
2/7/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Remembering How Much Jesus Loves Us

January 2016

1/31/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: Will We Make the Same Mistake?
1/17/2016–Mark Tolley: What Line of Work Are You In?
1/10/2016–Susan C. Lindblade: God Has Chosen You

1/3/2016–Eric Lindblade: Something Better than Camels

December 2015

12/27/2015–Eric Lindblade: “In that day…”
12/20/2015–Susan C. Lindblade: Swedish Meatballs or a Submarine Sandwich?
12/6/2015–Eric Lindblade: When Angels Speak

November 2015

11/29/2015–Mark Tolley: There’s Something About Mary
11/22/2015–Susan C. Lindblade: Thankful in All My Remembrance of You
11/15/2015–Eric Lindblade: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
11/8/2015–Susan C. Lindblade: In a World of Show and Sell
11/1/2015 Eric Lindblade: Who Are You Supposed to Be?

October 2015

10/25/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Seeing Jesus in Jericho
10/18/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: When You Sign On, Don’t Expect Front Row Seats
10/11/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Considering Young People Today, How Will the World Ever Survive?
10/4/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Who We Really Are

September 2015

9/27/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: A Servant’s Attitude
9/20/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Unsettling Greatness
9/13/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Who Do You Say That I Am?
9/6/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Invited to the Table

August 2015

8/30/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Evolved from a Monkey
8/23/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Roadkill Folk and the Starting Point of a Faith That Matters
8/16/2015 Listen to Mark Tolley: It’s About Time
8/9/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Promises for Those Who Give
8/2/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Called to be Ezekiels

July 2015

7/26/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Traveling Light
7/19/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Remembering Our First Love
7/12/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Remembering the Blessings of the Past…Living into the Promises of the Future
7/5/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: All in Agreement?

June 2015

6/28/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Holding Onto Jesus
6/21/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Golf Balls, Neckties, or Weedwhackers?
6/14/2015 Listen to Mark Tolley: The Need for Some R & R
6/7/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Goose Sense

May 2015

5/31/2015 Listen to Jason Darden: Labor Pains (11:15–Graduate Recognition)
5/31/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: The Trinity: Still a Mystery! (8:30)
5/24/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Living with Me Right Now
5/17/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: The Day a Changed Heart Changed the World
5/10/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Dare to Love Them a Little Louder
5/3/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Falling, Feasting, and Following

April 2015

4/26/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: The Good Shepherd is Calling: Are We Listening? Are We Following?
4/19/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Doubting (?) Thomas
4/12/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Living After Easter
4/5/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: The Difference in Knowing the End of the Story

March 2015

3/29/2015 Listen to Ken Klingborg
3/22/2015 Listen to Mark Tolley: Our Dilemmas, Our Demands, God’s Disclosure
3/15/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: When Mission Begins
3/8/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Living Water
3/1/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Do This (But What is “This?”)

February 2015

2/22/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: To Be a Child Again
2/15/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Going Down the Mountain
2/8/2015 Listen to Eric Lindblade: When Jesus Leaves Town
2/1/2015 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Get Into the Game

January 2015

1/25/2015 Listen to Mark Tolley: Faith in the Valley
1/18/2015  Listen to Eric Lindblade Jesus: Shepherd…Lamb…Goat?
1/11/2015  Listen to Susan C. Lindblade Remembering Our Baptism
1/4/2015  Listen to Eric Lindblade What Gift Do We Bring?

December 2014

12/28/2014 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Grace Upon Grace
12/21/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade: The Magnificent God Mary Magnifies
12/7/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Where Jesus Finds Us

November 2014

11/30/2014 Listen to Mark Tolley: What to Expect When You are Expecting
11/23/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Grateful for Priceless Treasures

11/16/2014 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: Living into Our Calling

11/9/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade: The Path We Choose

11/2/2014 Listen to Susan Lindblade: Being a Legacy

October 2014

10/26/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade: Biblical Truth & Cotton/Polyester Blend Shirts
10/19/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade: An Untamed Savior

10/12/2014 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: The Faith of a Child

10/5/2014 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade: The Table is Set

September 2014

9/28/2014 Listen to Susan Lindblade I Will Follow Him
9/21/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade Have You Been to Tarshish Recently?

9/14/2014 Listen to Erin Betlej Fulfilled!

9/7/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade Did Jesus Go Too Far?

August 2014

8/31/2014 Listen to Susan C. Lindblade Saying Our Prayers
8/24/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade Idol Thoughts

8/17/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade Is This Church for the Birds?
8/10/2014 Listen to Mark Tolley The “If” Factor
8/3/2014 Listen to Susan LIndblade How Many Times, Lord?

July 2014

7/27/2014 Listen to the Haiti Mission Team at 11:00 1 More, 1 Less
7/27/2014 Listen to the Haiti Mission Team at 10:00 1 More, 1 Less
7/27/2014 Listen to the Haiti Mission Team at 8:30 1 More, 1 Less
7/20/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade A New Name for North Raleigh UMC

7/13/2014 Listen to Susan Lindblade All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go

7/06/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade Kudzu and Christians

June 2014

6/29/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade Grace for All, but Not for Some
6/22/2014 Listen to Susan Lindblade More Powerful than the Pen
6/15/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Father
6/08/2014 Listen to the Youth at 11:00 God is…
6/08/2014 Listen to the Youth at 10:00 God is…
6/08/2014 Listen to the Youth at 8:30 God is…
6/01/2014 Listen to Susan Lindblade The Tweet We All Need to Read

May 2014

5/25/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade Lost Geese, Falling Sparrows, and God’s Plans
5/18/2014 Listen to Susan Lindblade Gone Fishin’
5/11/2014 Listen to Susan Lindblade Home is Where Your Story Begins
5/4/2014 Listen to Eric Lindblade What We Did Not Realize

April 2014

4/27/2014  Listen to Erin Betlej Unlock the Door
4/20/2014  Listen to Eric Lindblade If Jesus is Alive…
4/6/2014  Listen to Eric Lindblade Dying, Weeping, Living

March 2014

3/30/2014  Listen to Mark Tolley Lights! Camera! …CUT!
3/23/2014  Listen to Susan Lindblade Enable Your Servants, O God
3/16/2014  Listen to Eric Lindblade Leaving Haran and Heading to Tomorrow
3/9/2014  Listen to Susan Lindblade Has Jesus Upended Your Tables Lately?
3/2/2014  Listen to Mark Tolley The Staff of Life, Not the Stuff of Life

February 2014

2/23/2014  Listen to Eric Lindblade Lasting Imprints
2/16/2014  Listen to Susan Lindblade What We Do with the Margin
2/9/2014  Listen to Sid Huggins The Power of a Robust Faith

January 2014

1/26/2014  Listen to Eric Lindblade Cornerstone Faith
1/19/2014  Listen to Susan Lindblade Sharing What We Know to Be True
1/12/2014  Listen to Eric Lindblade Remembering Baptism: Ours and His
1/5/2014  Listen to Susan Lindblade Holding onto Hope

December 2013

12/29/2013  Listen to Eric Lindblade Christmas Is Over…Now What?
12/22/2013  Listen to Susan Lindblade What Does Christmas Say About Us?

12/15/2013  Listen to Eric Lindblade What Do You Think about the Innkeeper?

12/1/2013  Listen to Susan Lindblade The Gift of Waiting


11/24/2013  Listen to Eric Lindblade For His Steadfast Love…
11/17/2013  Listen to Susan Lindblade Reshaping and Remolding…As It Seems Good to the Potter

11/10/2013  Listen to Mark Tolley Getting Face-to-Face

11/3/2013  Listen to Eric Lindblade Enveloped by a Cloud of Witnesses


10/27/2013  Listen to Susan Lindblade The Joy of Giving
10/20/2013  Listen to Eric Lindblade Faith Fit for a Parking Lot

10/13/2013  Listen to Susan Lindblade Listening to Find What You’re Looking For

10/6/2013  Listen to Susan Lindblade A Familiar Table


9/29/2013  Listen to Eric Lindblade What Copper Coins Do…and Do Not Buy
9/22/2013  Listen to Susan Lindblade The Hoarder’s Life
9/15/2013  Listen to Eric Lindblade Hope Amidst the Horror…Twelve Years Later
9/8/2013  Listen to Susan Lindblade The Sure Way to Turn Enemies into Friends
9/1/2013  Listen to Eric Lindblade A Place for Mephibosheth, You, and Me


8/25/2013  Listen to Susan Lindblade I Want to Be a Part of a Church Like That!
8/18/2013  Listen to Eric Lindblade Did My Sweet Jesus Really Say This?!
8/11/2013  Listen to Susan Lindblade Whatever It Takes
Listen to Lawrence Yoo Kingdom Come


7/28/2013  Listen to Eric Lindblade Neighbors & Holiness
Listen to Susan Lindblade What Did Jesus Have in Mind?
Listen to Eric Lindblade When Do You Have Enough?
Listen to Eric Lindblade Could Jesus Fly?


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Traditional: 8:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m.,
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9:45 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall

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Begins in 11:15 Traditional, then moves to Room S2


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